Ken Rypma

General Manager

“Rainbow has been such an amazing opportunity and has completely changed my life! I love the freedom Rainbow gives me to work when I want and the limitless potential to grow!”

Jimmy Thomas


“I’ve been with the company since 2006 and I’m more excited now about the Rainbow business now than I’ve ever been! The Rainbow is such an amazing product and the company is top notch. I love the incredible opportunity Rainbow offers!”

Chris Valentine

Team Leader

“Rainbow has helped me become a better version of myself and provided my family with unlimited opportunities!”

Mike Jennings

Area Manager

“I love the Rainbow because it does what we say it does. The health benefits are truly amazing! The opportunity to be part of the Freedom Division is something I am grateful for on a daily basis.”

Happy Customers

I absolutely love my Rainbow. All the attachments are so quick and easy to use. I cannot believe everything that comes out of our bed when I use our rainbowmate on it. The shampooer is able amazing. I had a kool-aid spot on our carpet that I had tried everything on and the aquamate got it right out.
I purchased a Rainbow Vacuum a couple months back and the difference we have noticed our carpet is amazing. We cannot believe how much dirt, sand, dog hair and other things it pulled out of the carpet. It honestly feels new again, it has its softness back and after using the shampooer attachment it looks almost brand new. I would highly recommend one of these for anyone.